Inspired on the work of Margaret Mee, a British botanical artist, a pioneer on the international fight against the destruction of the Amazon. The Moonflower is a collection of fiction and non fictional about the artist and the universe of the Amazon Forest: its diversity, mythology, sustainability and preservation. The transmedia project, presents the following franchises: 3D feature Animation, a documentary, a children's book, 3D Exibition, television series,comic books and educational games and web console. The initiative is a partnership with StarlightRunner, the American company responsible for production of transmedia projects such as Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, among others. Designed by journalist Ricardo Mucci, the idea was born at Umana, a Brazilian company for interactive communication and transmedia projects, based in Sao Paulo.

The Moonflower has already been presented at festivals such as MIPCOM Canne / France, Cartoons on the Bay in Portofino / Italy and at RioContentMarket, held in Rio de Janeiro. Featured in publications: Animation Magazine and Variety and Tela Viva and Época Negócios in Brazil.

The project is a way to maintain the ideal of preserving the forest undertaken by the artist, who until completing 79 years of age made ​​15 expeditions to the Amazon forest, discovered new species of flora and left a legacy of over 400 paintings.

For further information: download the presentation (.pdf)

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